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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Australia Daze

"It was Australia Day yesterday" announced Red Hen as she was picking a juicy snail to bits. "Is that when they eat turkeys?" said Little Bantam. "No" the other others cackled, looking an each other knowlingly. "Anyway" continued Red Hen "I saw in the paper that Premier Carr said 'I know my Australian history. I know what Kurnell means. There's not going to be a wind farm on that site'. Apparently one of his power companies wants to build a wind farm on the site where Captain Cook landed". "Well" said White Leghorn "I read in the paper that the NSW government was not being involved in any historical events to mark Australia Day because, although the Premier is a well-established historian, he also lives in the modern world". "So Caltex oil refineries, Rocla sand mining and Australand urban development are all OK there" said Mother Bantam "not like wind farms which are really old technology". "That must be what Australia Day is about" said Speckled Bantam. "I saw in the paper that Treasurer Egan met Prince Charles once and introduced himself by saying 'I'm Irish, I'm Catholic, I'm Labor, I'm Republican'". "A bit strange really" said Speckled Bantam "because I thought he was Australian". "Yes" said Red Hen "and I though Carr was a greenie". At that moment, Little Bantam began to tug at a fat slug hidden in a crack in some rocks, and the chooks all began to fight over the delicacy, forgetting all about Australia Day.


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